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2017 Month : April Volume : 2 Issue : 2 Page : 8-13


Bharath Kumar Guntheti1, U. P. Singh2

Corresponding Author:
Dr. Bharath Kumar Guntheti,
Associate Professor,
Department of Forensic Medicine,
Rotary Nagar,



A road traffic accident is defined as any vehicular accident occurring on a public road or highway and includes vehicular accidents where the place of occurrence is unspecified. Road traffic accident [RTA] is one of the major preventable public health problems and is on the rise which can be attributed to increase in the number of vehicles, life style changes, and risky attitude.

Objective of this study is to ascertain the incidence, profile of victims, patterns of injuries due to RTA, causes, mechanism of injury and preventive measures of factors contributing to causation of accidents.

Materials and methods

the present retrospective study was carried out at Dept. of Forensic Medicine of a tertiary care institution from Khammam. All the deaths due to road traffic accidents brought to Mamata General Hospital, Khammam during the period Jan. 2016-Dec. 2016 were retrospectively analysed. The detailed analysis of these cases was based on the inquest report, medical records, visiting scene of accident and evaluation of autopsy reports. Out of 768 medicolegal autopsies conducted during the study period, 108 [14.06%] were of vehicular accident fatalities.


Majority of male victims were found in the age group 21-40 years with a percent of 56.48%. Most of the victims (97) were male. Highest number of cases were 49 [45.37%] during day time, on the national highways were 60 [55.55%]. We observed that the highest number of cases 60 [55.55%] occurred during winter season, on weekend days [Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays]. The commonest {62 [57.40%]} type of crash pattern was 2WH to LMV. The commonest road users involved in accidents is two wheeler followed by pedestrian. At the time of accident, majority of victims 66 [61.11%] were non-helmet riders seen in two wheeler users. Fissured fracture was the commonest type. The commonest variety of intracranial haemorrhage was subdural haemorrhage. Human error is the most common cause of road traffic accidents. We found 83[76.85%] of the victims of RTAs died either on spot or within 24 hours of the accident. The head injury was responsible for most of the deaths.


The incidence is 14.06%. The commonest affected age group is 31-40 years, Male, occurred during winter season, on weekend. Highest number of cases occurred during day time, on the national highways. The commonest crash pattern was 2WH to M. The commonest road users are two wheelers followed by pedestrians. With regard to pattern of injuries, musculoskeletal injuries topped the list of injuries. We found multiple injuries of soft tissue & bony injuries among different types of road users. Most of the victims were non-helmet riders at the time of incident. Commonest type of skull fracture is fissured fracture and intracranial haemorrhage type is SDH.


Road Traffic Accidents, Road users, Crash pattern, Fatal Injuries.

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